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Why Me

Chantell works with you on a one-to-one and personal basis. She is your go-to-VA. But even a VA needs a little extra time to help you save yours, so she has a very conscientiously selected and trusted A-team of Awesome VAs in the background, that she can lean on wherever needed.


 Chantell builds strong, trusting, loyal and long-standing relationship that will pleasantly impress you, your clients and even your friends.

As we know all too well, everyone needs a helping hand at times, but not everyone can afford that luxury.


You have a business and a home to run. some kind of event or worse, a mountain of mundane tasks!


You need time to focus on vital matters such as building and growing your business, whilst of course continuing to manage your personal day-to-day life, meanwhile you're scrounging for time to enjoy with family and friends, in between tackling a mountain of mundane tasks! You want that big life dream of a better work-life balance.

Whatever your reasons, wherever you are, we dedicate our hours to give you back time so that you can enjoy a healthier work-life balance. All of this, with a smile on my face, a cheer in my voice and extremely fast fingers, and all at just a fraction of the cost of a full-time PA.

​We plan, budget, organise, prioritise and resolve! You can be sure we deliver only the best possible results to the highest standards.

Bring me on board, and focus on what YOU want for a change.

With incessant drive and tenacity, we utilise our combined skills and experience to help you reach your goals, meet deadlines and achieve successful end results.


I am extremely customer-focused and use my invaluable experience and proficiency in time & project management, communication, discretion & diplomacy, multi-tasking abilities and level heads to help you and your business.

With a multitude of professional and organisational skills, my ultimate role is to help you to be more organised (and sane), whilst saving you money! So with a passion for planning, organising, creating & designing, I provide expert and strategic administrative support of a high quality to businesses of all sizes. I even support the everyday household, entrepreneurs & individuals from all walks of life – anywhere in the world. 

I also provide advice and guidance on your business systems and processes in order to help ensure you get maximum efficiency out of your business operations.

I have worked within a variety of industries, to include: Banking & Financial Services, Wellbeing & Fitness, HR, Civil Engineering & Construction, Food & Beverage/Catering, Healthcare (Private & NHS), Legal, Mental Wellbeing, Clinical Negligence, Education, Online Gaming, Software, Entertainment, Insolvency, Immigration, Security, Importing & Exporting, Telecommunications, Marketing and Tax, Learning & Development, Charity, as well as with high profile Entrepreneurs and private individual households.

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