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Virtual Assistant vs Full Time PA

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Simply put – in comparison to a full-time PA, hiring a Virtual Assistant (one who is reliable, dedicated and takes pride in their work) is the most cost-effective option.

Virtual Assistant vs Full Time PA

Currently, the average salary for a full-time Personal Assistant per year in the UK is between £19,000 and £50,000, dependent on location of course. And that’s before benefits, bonuses, and increases. Quite a blow to the budget for someone you don’t necessarily need around all the time. And don’t forget the workspace, equipment, training, insurance, sick and holiday pay, to name a few more outgoings.

It is a business owner’s responsibility to generate new revenue for their business, therefore their time is extremely valuable. An owner of a business carrying out small trivial administrative tasks has very minimal value-adding (and certainly revenue generating) benefit to the business.

A sensible solution is to delegate or outsource those less profitable odd jobs by hiring someone more than capable of carrying them out in little time for less money (in fact, somewhat less than your true financial worth!)

VA services allow clients to enjoy the benefits and freedom of picking and choosing when and if they need our help. We can work on either a rolling month contract, or just an ad-hoc basis for a couple of hours handling a few projects whether big or small, or just once a year if that’s all they need. Most VAs tailor-make their clients’ packages to meet their specific needs and most charge by the hour which means clients only pay for the time they choose to use. Some VAs work on a monthly retainer, for more long-term support services (this usually works out slightly cheaper than the hourly rate in that, the more hours you buy, the more discount you receive.

And if for some reason clients need to save some cash – especially in the case of households or small start-up businesses, and of course depending on the contract type in place with their VA - they can choose to discontinue our services until they can once again afford them. You most certainly cannot do that with a permanent employee unless you’re happy to find yourself in a costly Tribunal.

Financial Advantages:

  • NO agency fees

  • NO staff overheads (holidays, sick, maternity, NI, etc)

  • NO recruitment or training costs

  • NO need for costly equipment or workspace

  • NO HR matters

  • NO taxes

  • NO benefits packages/salary increases

Convenience Benefits:

  • We are quite the magnificently efficient, admin-loving, multi-tasking machines

  • You, our VIP client, don't need to share or set up extra workspace as a VA uses their own equipment based in their own home

  • VAs can more than likely complete a task in half the time that our clients’ own time and commitments allow. And some of us even more talented VAs can do it with our eyes closed, whilst chopping onions with one hand, stirring a pot of sauce with the other, opening the oven door with one foot and singing and jiggling our behinds to a tune in the background – all whilst reading and researching the Internet from our laptop on the kitchen counter! (Okay, we’re good but not that good!)

  • Sorting, planning, arranging, and organising are what we do - like breathing and blinking really!

  • We generally have experience in a vast number of industries which means we’ve seen, tried and tested a variety of procedures and systems, as well as gained experience on numerous software programmes. That way, we can introduce a wealth of experience, skills, and suggestions into your business

  • Working with one VA (that you’re happy with of course) allows you to form that bond; that long-lasting and trusting relationship. From this, you will benefit from someone you can count on; someone who eventually learns to understand and appreciate you, what you want, your pet hates, your preferences, etc to the extent of eventually anticipating your needs before you do!

  • VAs own and run their businesses which means they are dependent on referrals and steady business, which in turn means that clients are more likely to receive the utmost dedication, value, and care for their business needs

I cannot vouch for every VA, but I personally offer not only the above but am also pleased to include the following assurances in my professional services:


  • CUSTOMER-focused, devotion & LOYALTY

  • highest degree of INTEGRITY

  • complete FLEXIBILITY


  • exceptional DRIVE and determination

  • second-to-none ACCURACY & motivation

  • absolute PASSION to plan and organise in ever changing environments

  • top QUALITY support with an aim to always EXCEED expectations

Visit my How to Choose The Right VA For You blog to understand those all important next steps to getting organised!

To assess if I’m the Chaos-Coordinating VA for you please do drop me a line at

And I invite you to gain a little insight into who I am personally here -

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