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The Superhero Pose

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Posture and body language are popular tools used in Psychology.

A dominant pose can in fact make you feel more confident.

The Superhero Pose

Think of bird puffing its chest out. They puff out their chests to appear bigger than their normal size when they feel attacked or need to defend themselves from predators. I guess, in a way, this is a form of the Superhero Pose for them. And their predators are what our negative thoughts and fears are to us. We all need a confidence boost to fight off those niggly low-self-esteem-imposter-syndrome-confidence-lacking demons.

What is the Superhero Pose?

After you see superheroes confidently puffing out their chests as they hold their pose right before battling their sworn enemy, what tends to happen? They go on to win the battle against their enemy, obviously.

And not so oddly, this can help us in our day-to-day lives, whether personally or professionally. It can help us to stand up to our negative enemies, whatever our own daily battles, fears and challenges might be.

Would you believe me if I said that the Superhero Pose, as silly and playful as it may seem, is backed by science? It’s even practiced by some of the most famous of musicians, public speakers, businesspeople, and athletes. It’s that powerful!

Remember Amelia in Grey’s Anatomy? Yep, she did it every time she was about to go into surgery.

It not only helps to boost your self-confidence but will almost completely (at least for the moment you need it the most) and immediately remove any negative feelings and fears you have.

Based on historical findings of cortisol and testosterone, researchers tested whether assuming a dominant pose for a short burst of time would lead the brain to shift hormonal gears, which it very much did.

The Superhero Pose apparently alters the brain’s chemistry by adjusting the body’s hormone production. It does this in just the right way enough to positively and immediately impact and elevate your mood.

So, when you’re feeling unsure about something, take a moment to do the Superhero Pose. When you’re about to speak in front of a room full of glaring judgey eyes, do the Superhero pose. When you’re afraid to pitch an idea to your boss or an investor, take 2 minutes to do the Superhero Pose. When you’re feeling intimidated by someone or something, do the Superhero Pose. Give yourself that immediate boost of positivity, confidence, and high energy before you tackle whatever is that’s scaring you.

If you’re someone who generally lacks confidence, why not wake up and physically start your day in front of the mirror holding the Superhero Pose?

How to do the Superhero Pose

  • Stand up straight

  • Put your feet shoulder-width apart

  • Press your fists to your hips

  • Lift your chest upward/puff your chest outward

  • Tilt your head back, looking up to the sky

  • Hold for 2-5 minutes, breathing slowly in and out


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