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Meet Chantell

Greetings! I'm Chantell Riches, the proud owner of Your Private PA. Thank you for visiting my website. 

Whilst you now know about my professional background and skills, it's always good to know a little personal info about the VA you're planning to work with. So with that in mind, here goes...


Back in 2001, I made the leap from South Africa to the UK, just after my less-than-stellar performance on the Gladiators TV show. Despite that mortifying defeat, I embarked on a successful PA career in various industries, spanning across the globe.


In 2009, I took the plunge and transformed my wealth of experience and skills into a thriving professional business.


Fuelled by my love for planning, budgeting, organising, creating, designing, and my peculiar fondness for all things stationery, lists, bullet points, and colour-coding, I embarked on this fulfilling journey.


Randomly, one day I decided to challenge myself personally to write an adult novel and a children's book, although they will more than likely never be published. These ventures allowed me to tap into my creative side and really push my boundaries, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am an incurable romantic. I just love love! So, I pursued training as a Professional Independent Wedding & Funeral Celebrant. And now I get to work closely with wonderful couples, crafting and officiating their personalised wedding ceremonies that reflect their unique love stories, values, and cherished memories. Additionally, I also work closely with families designing and officiating funerals.


Another fun tidbit: My wife and I braved the storm of Couples Come Dine With Me in 2019, which turned out to be the most nerve-racking week of our lives! We did not win! haha

I hope this glimpse into my personal journey instills confidence in your decision to entrust your business tasks to me.

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