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Meet Chantell

My name is Chantell Riches and I am the owner of Your Private PA, where we are trusted to deliver quality and hassle-free solution-based business support, giving you time back to focus on what you want.

After immigrating to the UK in 2001 from South Africa (having been a contender in the Gladiators just a month before my flight - and having been embarrassingly defeated in that horrid gauntlet!) I continued my PA path within various industries in and outside of London.

In 2009, I decided to make the most of my experience and skills and turned my passion and know-how into my own professional business.


I love to plan, budget, organise, create, design and oddly, I have a mad passion for lists, bullet points, paperclips, post-its & colour-coding!

As a personal achievement, I've written an adult novel, as well as a children's book. Neither has been published though. They were purely a personal challenge to myself.

I am also a soppy lover of love and a true romantic, so I've also trained to become a Professional Independent Wedding Celebrant, where I work closely with couples to design and craft sincere and personal ceremonies unique to them, their love story and their values. I then bring it all to life and personally officiate their wedding ceremony. 

A little secret - my wife and I were on Couples Come Dine With Me in 2019. The most stressful week of our lives! haha

I am very detail and people orientated and I genuinely thrive on helping others to become more organised and time-free to focus on more of what you need to, and to enjoy more of what you love. 

Over 26 years’ PA/EA experience at CEO, Senior Partner, Entrepreneur and Board Director levels.


I have an abundance of project management, events, and office management, learning & development, HR, legal and facilities experience and I have also provided remote VA (Virtual Assistant) support for over 11 years.


I am professional, proficient, reliable and resourceful, yet charismatic, friendly and approachable with excellent interpersonal skills. I am ambitious, highly organised and pride myself on my integrity and strong work ethic and impeccable time management. I am forward-thinking and have an unrivalled ability to multi-task and prioritise.


With a blend of technical (websites, social media, etc) and traditional PA skills (multiple inbox and complex diary management, travel and accommodation, project management, presentation design and creation, stakeholder management, meeting arrangements, events and office management, minutes, and much more) as well as strong business acumen, I utilise these combined skills and a multitude of others, with my passion to plan, organise and exceed expectations.


These skills and values aren’t just things I know how to do well, but they are a part of my fundamental foundation for the way I live my very own life.

I hope this gives a little insight into who I am and confidence in who you would be entrusting your business tasks to. 

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