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General Admin

  • Email management (replying, forwarding, flagging, colour-coding, clearing junk, etc)

  • Meeting scheduling/diary management (scheduling appointments, meetings, various events, or even personal appointments eg. dinner, lunch, holidays, etc)

  • Data entry

  • Filing management

  • Call management (returning calls, listening to voicemails, flagging messages, adding reminders)

  • Contacts and WhatsApp management (creating groups, liaising with group members, etc)

  • Online payments

  • Creating documents/forms

  • Mailing list management 

  • Designing & creating presentations

  • Proof-reading and editing

  • Research

  • Minute-taking

  • Travel management

  • Transcriptions

  • Typing

  • Reporting

  • Design & implementation of systems and processes

  • Events management

  • Sourcing products, suppliers

  • Google reviews management 

  • Complaints management 

...and so much more! 

Whatever the task, just ask!

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